As a Lions fan, I am extremely happy with the quality of play the Lions displayed on Sunday, however, not everything they did on the field was commendable. No doubt you have seen or heard about the newest Internet craze: “Tebowing”, which takes its name from something Denver quarterback Tim Tebow did after completing a miraculous comeback against the Dolphins. This celebration of his caused people to post pictures of themselves doing this pose in public places, emulating the quarterbacks praying posture. Some of the Lions took the opportunity to mock this gesture on Sunday after sacking Tim Tebow, a practice I found rather tasteless. I don’t generally have a problem with celebrations, I feel they liven up the game, and in today’s NFL, it’s becoming more and more a rarity for a player to celebrate without getting fined. But the reason I feel so strongly against the Lions doing this was because it just felt wrong. I felt that Detroit had played a very complete game against an ok team, but certainly it was a confidence booster after the 2 game losing streak. Then they had to go and mar this excellent performance by doing something that toed the line between mocking prayer. You may not feel as strongly about this as I do, and as a diehard Lions fan, I struggled greatly for a day or so how I felt till I saw the highlights and saw what everyone was talking about it. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe you don’t have an issue with it, but it’s just a line I wish we didn’t cross. I’m fine with celebrating in some other way, just not like that. Tebow is an excellent role model to the league, something I wish some of our players had respected.