If you payed any attention to the free agency bonanza yesterday, you realized one thing; the Eagles won this offseason’s Super Bowl and it wasn’t even close. From Asomugha to Young, the amount of talent the Eagles acquired through trades and free agency was almost criminal. When you throw in Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie into their already potent pair of corners in Asante Samuel and Nnamdi Asomugha, it doesn’t appear that anyone will be throwing the ball effectively against the Eagles. Or does it? As a Tigers fan (stifle the laughter please) I remember a few years ago ┬áin 2008 when they billed us to be the most offensively potent team since the 1927 “Death Row” Yankees lineup. The only thing truly “offensive” about that team was the 0-7 start to the season, which expectedly ended in disaster. Going back to the Eagles situation, it is pretty easy to win a Super Bowl on paper before any games are played. Somewhere around Week 8 or 9 of the NFL regular season will we see the team start to meld together and play like a cohesive unit. Out of pure potential, both the offense and the defensive sides of the ball look pretty daunting. The tricky part to this whole thing is winning. In baseball, the Yankees buy a team nearly every year, because they have the means to do so, with baseball not having any kind of salary restrictions. If the Eagles don’t win within the next year or so, they are going to be in an extremely precarious financial situation. You can’t just throw money at players like that in the NFL and not have a few consequences.