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The NFL and NBA drafts are two very different events. There are two rounds in the NBA draft, as opposed to the seven of the NFL draft. In addition to the differences with the way the picks are allotted to the teams, there is also a distinct dissimilarity in how much money is handed out on draft day in these two sports. In the NFL, players at the top of the draft are awarded ridiculous amounts of money, which is odd considering that they’ve never played a down in the NFL. Teams often mortgage their futures throwing tens of millions of dollars at 21 year olds. In the 2010 NFL draft when the St. Louis Rams selected Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford with the first pick, he was given a contract that was worth at least $78 million with a max value of $86 million over 6-years. Oh yeah and the day he signed his name to the paper he got $50 million right off the bat. Seems like a wise financial decision right? The year before that, the Detroit Lions had given their draft choice out of Georgia, QB Matt Stafford a 6 year contract worth $72 million, $41.7 million of which having been guaranteed. In the NBA, rookie salaries are not that out of control because they have a wage scale in place that dictates how much money you can give a player based on where you draft them. Personally I think this would be a much better way to go, it would save many teams money and stop teams from throwing all this money at young players. It’s not like the teams want to give NFL rookies this much money either, the agents of these players demand this money otherwise they say that their clients won’t sign. The NFL would be wise to discuss this in their next owners meeting…whenever that is…


In a highly predictable top two of the 2011 NBA draft, wunderkinds Kyrie Irving and Derrick Williams were snatched off the board by the first two teams, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Minnesota Timberwolves. Irving, after missing much of the NCAA season with a toe injury, had a considerably less impressive cache of highlights for scouts to pour over in the previous months. Derrick Williams, while he had the more impressive body of work due to his deep journey into the NCAA tournament, was not talked about as a serious No. 1 draft choice due to Kyrie’s more impressive athleticism. Cleveland also holds the No.4 pick in this years draft, who knows what other playmakers they may uncover?