First things first, I would like to take a brief moment and apologize to my 2 readers world for the incredibly long delay between postings.  I thought as summer approached I would have more time to post here, although I was only partially right.  I really wish I could write here more and will as chance may onto the good stuff!

During an interview on Jim Rome’s radio show this afternoon, NBA commissioner David Stern was taking part in a media tour answering questions to all things NBA.  The interview took an ominous turn when Jim Rome presented David Stern a question regarding the legitimacy of the NBA Draft Lotto, which is by the way a valid subject to inquire about seeing how much criticism the Lottery has taken in recent years.  Stern launched back a volley containing an old philosophical device if you will regarding loaded questioning.  This volley came in the form of the commissioner asking Rome: “Have you stopped beating your wife yet?”  Obviously not seriously alleging that Rome abuses his wife, this tactic was Stern’s way of saying that Rome was asking a loaded question, to which there would be no right answer.  The rest of the interview was mainly a series of exchanges between the two regarding the fairness of Rome asking such a question.  It wasn’t until Stern attacked Rome’s integrity that the interview became even more tense.  A large percentage of America believes Rome did nothing wrong, and that Stern spoke rashly, which is what I believe; that Rome was completely in the right as the radio talkshow host that he is.  I myself question the means by which the NBA assigns the lottery draft slots, and it is incredibly suspicious that the Hornets are theoretically still owned by the NBA and were recently awarded the number one pick.  I would like to think that David Stern will face some sort of discipline for this, as if one of his players were to say something like that, they would certainly at least be fined, but I have the suspicion he won’t

A transcript of some of the better highlights of the verbal sparring match can be found here, courtesy of ESPN(