As any NFL football fan will tell you, 101 days of no football is not fun in any aspect of the word. With the Collective Bargaining Agreement of the NBA set to expire this Thursday, June 30th at 11:59 EST, is the NBA in more peril than the NFL is now? As it stood before the NFL’s CBA expired back in March, the NFL was and is the most popular sport in America. Its immense popularity is going to take a healthy hit, but those wounds will heal because of how much the American public loves its football. The NBA on the other hand is in a different boat. From ridiculous salaries to the sometimes skewed public view that a lot of the players are thugs, what with basketball’s association with hip hop and tattoos. Fair or not, these things all contribute to the NBA not being as popular as the NFL. Also not helping is the fact that NBA owners owe the NBA players some $160+ million dollars that the owners do not want to pay back. While the NFL lockout was caused by one root issue; greed, the NBA has some deeper issues than that. There are three NBA teams, located in Vancouver, Charlotte, and Seattle, that have moved in recent past, with the New Orleans Hornets being run by the NBA itself. The Sacramento Kings are thinking of moving to Anaheim, a market that is already flooded with sports franchises, plus it’s a hockey town! There are two teams located in Los Angeles, both the Lakers and the Clippers, with the Lakers being the dominant franchise there. While there has been some optimism of late coming from the NFL lockout situation, Commissioner David Stern of the NBA has expressed his belief that there is little cause to think that a work stoppage isn’t going to happen in the NBA.