While I am not a proponent to violence and other unsportsmanlike behaviors on a field of play, I think Sundays incident between the head coaches of the San Francisco 49’ers and the Detroit Lions was just part of the game. Jim Harbaugh’s 49’ers had just achieved victory over one of the last two unbeaten teams in the NFL. Jim Schwartz had just lost a very close game to a very good NFC opponent. I don’t know what exactly Harbaugh said to Schwartz, but it obviously struck a chord with him and made him angry. I love both of these coaches style of leadership; Harbaugh was enthralled with the victory, whereas the emotions of Schwartz were still running pretty high after the loss. If I’m one of the players on these respective teams, who for years have been bullied around in the NFC, I LOVE the emotion showed by both these leaders of men.