I was thinking about Jacksonville RB Maurice Jones-Drew and the issue he’s taking with his contract. MJD is far and away the best player on the Jags roster, and he should be paid as such. The contract itself has two years remaining which makes you think “well hey he should play out the rest of his deal right?” but consider this: in today’s NFL running backs only last 3-4 years MAYBE, and at the rate the Jags are using Maurice, he doesn’t have more than 2-3 more good years, maybe less barring some terrible injury. NFL ownership can and has cut players as soon as they feel their production isn’t worth the price tag the players contract stipulates, with little to no reimbursement to the player most times. On one hand, I feel like he should honor his contract, but on the other, I think he has a fair argument, and that the rules of releasing a player should change